Feeding Tips

Breastfeeding Multiples:

  • Many women have successfully nursed their multiples! Consult your health care provider, local breastfeeding support group if you are considering breastfeeding or members of your local Multiples club for help and advice.
  • Follow doctor’s advice given on proper diet, rest, nipple care and breast pumping. Remember your fluid intake should be one to one and a half quarts more than usual.
  • Alternate breasts for feeding your babies. One may require a larger amount of milk than the other(s) and sucking stimulates the breast to produce more.
  • With twins, nurse your babies at the same time, if possible. A U-shaped nursing pillow may be helpful. Two bed pillows work well, too.

Bottle Feeding Multiples:

  • Purchase different styles/color of bottles/nipples if the babies are on different formulas to simplify identification.
  • Use a chart to document feedings.
  • Formula come in many forms (powdered, concentrate, and ready to feed) Unless specified by your doctor, choose whichever is most convenient and follow preparation instructions carefully.
  • you doctor may recommend sterilizing bottles and nipples during the first few months. If using a dishwasher for bottles, additional sterilization may not be required.
  • Encourage Dad and siblings to assist.
  • Take time to cuddle each baby after feeding and during burping.
  • If you are alone and your multiples need to be fed, you may bottle feed them by putting each in an infant seat, boppys, bumbos, bouncy seat or other device.

Pumping and Exclusive Pumping:

  • Exclusive pumping is where you pump your milk to feed to your babies in a bottle. Pumping can also be used for milk stimulation, or to feed your babies while you are at work if you normally breastfeed.
  • It is best to set up a pumping schedule that mirrors your babies feeding schedule.
  • Your insurance company will cover the cost of a pump. Call them to find out what is covered under your plan.
  • A double electric pump is the best option if you decide to exclusively pump.
  • You can store pumped milk in the fridge to be used that day or in the freezer to be used in the future. Make sure you label and date your milk before you store it.

Feeding Multiples:

  • When bottle feeding or breastfeeding, burp babies midway through and after feedings
  • Use the same spoon and bowl when babies are eating solid foods unless either baby is sick. Feed baby food directly from the jar at room temperature, discarding any leftover food to avoid bacterial growth.
  • Consult your doctor for advice on post-feeding sleeping positions.


Information compiled from: Multiples of American (http://www.nomotc.org/) and experience of GKMOM members.