Choosing a Stroller

Choosing A Stroller for You Multiples

There is no perfect stroller for all multiples. Families must decide which features are most important for their use. When shopping, consider this:

  • Most Strollers are constructed for babies four months of older
  • Look for strength. After all, it must carry two or more children.
  • Look for larger wheels for a more comfortable ride.
  • Consider sacrificing economy to gain safety, comfort, and durability. Parents of multiples tend to use strollers longer than parents of single born children.
  • Consider the weight of the stroller and the ease of loading it into your vehicle.


Types of Strollers

  • Convertible stroller: For babies, not as convenient for toddlers
  • Side by side: A separate area for each baby. Size is twice as wide as single strollers. May not fit through aisles or doorways.
  • Tandem: Face to face seating, sharing leg room or one in front of the other. Narrow enough to easily navigate through doorways

Info courtesy of Multiples of America