1-2-3 Magic: Effective Discipline for Children 2-12


Author: Thomas W Phelan

Review from J: Its easy to read. Straight forward. Effective and quickly. Why not use the same strategy for years.
Offers troubleshooting as well.


Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Twins


Author: Marc Weissbluth

Review from K: I read it while I was still pregnant and had both of the kids sleeping 8 hours a night at 2 months and 11 hours a night now at 13 months. Don’t know if it was the book or not, but it definitely didn’t hurt.


Mothering Multiples: Breastfeeding and Caring for Twins or more!


Author: Barbara Luke





When You’re Expecting Twins, Triplets, or Quads: Proven Guildelines for a Healthy Multiple Pregnancy


Author: Karen Kerkhoff Gromada

Review from K: This one has some great things about getting the right nutrition when pregnant, which helped me focus on eating right. It also has a lot of info for the “what if” scenarios, such as c-sections, nicu stays, etc. It’s great to help you prepare for the different variables that often happen when carrying twins.

Review from Rebecca: This book was my go to while pregnant.  All the other books seem to only have a blurb on multiples, while this one went very in depth.  It also provides recipes and suggestions to help with the common issues during a multiples pregnancy.