Kalamazoo Area Restaurants Where Kids Eat Free or Cheap


Location: Portage – 6675 S. Westnedge; Kalamazoo – 5330 West Main Street and 5990 Gull Road; Plainwell – 1243 Hwy. M -89; Battle Creek – 5775 Beckley Road

Days: Tuesday

Offer: All day kids eat from $0.99 or $1.99 for the larger portion.


Bob Evans

Locations: Portage– 5641 South Westnedge Ave; Battle Creek – 5421 Beckley Rd.

Day: Tuesdays

Offer: One free kids meal with each adult entree purchased between 5 and 8 pm


Brann’s Steakhouse

Location: Portage – 700 M L King Dr

Days: Sunday

Offer: Kids meals are $1.5o from 5-8pm



Location: Kalamazoo – 3817 East Cork Street

Days: Tuesday and Saturday

Offer: Up to two kids meals free for every adult entree from 4-10pm



Location: Kalamazoo – 4615 Main Street; Battle Creek – 5445 Beckley ROad

Days: Tuesday

Offer: $0.99 kids meal (two per adult entree) after 5pm for kids aged 12 and under.



Location: Kalamazoo – 5160 W. Main Street; Battle Creek – 140 East Columbia

Days: Monday and Tuesday nights

Offer: Kids 12 and younger receive a free Jr. Kids meal. Up to two free meals per purchased adult entree.


Fletchers Pub

Location: Kalamazoo – 3013 Oakland Dr and 7177 W. Q Ave

Days: Sunday – Wednesday

Offer: Kids eat free with purchase of adult meal




Location: Portage -5325 S. Westnedge Ave

Days: Every Day

Offer: Receive a free kids meal per purchased adult meal from 3-10pm


Main Street Pub

Location: Kalamazoo – 4514 W. Main St; Kalamazoo – 5462 Gull Road; Portage – 7509 S. Westnedge; Vicksburg – 208 E Prairie St; Mattawan – 52887 N. Main St

Days: Sunday – Wednesday

Offer: Kids eat free with purchase of adult meal



Locations: Portage – 10100 Shaver Rd

Days: Tuesday

Offer: Kids eat free with adult entree purchase 5-9pm


Old Chicago Pizza

Location: Portage – 5314 S. Westnedge Ave

Days: Tuesday

Offer: Two kids eat free for every adult from 5-8pm.


Steak n’ Shake

Location: Kalamazoo – 5371 W. Main; Portage – 5342 S. Westnedge; Battle Creek – 5990 Beckley Road

Days: Sat and Sun

Offer: One free kids meal with ever &8 purchase excluding drinks and shakes and is dine in only


Texas Roadhouse

Location: Portage – 7039 S. Westnedge Ave

Days: Tuesday

Offer: $0.99 kids meal 4-8pm


University Roadhouse

Location: Kalamazoo – 1332 W. Michigan Ave

Days: Sunday – Wednesday

Offer: Kids eat free with purchase of adult meal


Information gathered from: kzookids.com

Tips for New Parents

  • Establish a list of priorities. Babies’ needs will head the list, including feeding, bathing, cuddling, and sleeping. Rest for you should be high on the list as well.
  • Use a chart to see at a glance who has been cared for and at what time.
  • Accept all offers of help from anyone.
  • Treat your babes as individuals. Avoid referring to them as “the twins” or “the triplets”. Instead, use their given names.
  • Be sure to take photos of each child separately for the time when on will ask for a “picture of me”.
  • Use care in selecting toys. As your babies grow, play becomes serious business. Toys that are suitable for singletons can become weapons when there are two of more. As the children get older, try to choose different toys for each to encourage sharing.
  • Build a special one-to-one relationship with each child. Multiples may develop a special bond between them. Raise them as individuals, but allow them to maintain this bond. Your children may talk to each other in a language only they can understand. Don’t be upset by the “twintalk” as most outgrow it.
  • Speak clearly and read aloud to you multiples. Reading Stimulates speech development and lays a foundation for literacy.
  • Take walks with your babies. Getting out of the house may be a morale booster for you.
  • If you are returning to work soon after the babies are born, look for a sitter who will understand the needs of caring for “more than one”.

Feeding Tips

Breastfeeding Multiples:

  • Many women have successfully nursed their multiples! Consult your health care provider, local breastfeeding support group if you are considering breastfeeding or members of your local Multiples club for help and advice.
  • Follow doctor’s advice given on proper diet, rest, nipple care and breast pumping. Remember your fluid intake should be one to one and a half quarts more than usual.
  • Alternate breasts for feeding your babies. One may require a larger amount of milk than the other(s) and sucking stimulates the breast to produce more.
  • With twins, nurse your babies at the same time, if possible. A U-shaped nursing pillow may be helpful. Two bed pillows work well, too.

Bottle Feeding Multiples:

  • Purchase different styles/color of bottles/nipples if the babies are on different formulas to simplify identification.
  • Use a chart to document feedings.
  • Formula come in many forms (powdered, concentrate, and ready to feed) Unless specified by your doctor, choose whichever is most convenient and follow preparation instructions carefully.
  • you doctor may recommend sterilizing bottles and nipples during the first few months. If using a dishwasher for bottles, additional sterilization may not be required.
  • Encourage Dad and siblings to assist.
  • Take time to cuddle each baby after feeding and during burping.
  • If you are alone and your multiples need to be fed, you may bottle feed them by putting each in an infant seat, boppys, bumbos, bouncy seat or other device.

Pumping and Exclusive Pumping:

  • Exclusive pumping is where you pump your milk to feed to your babies in a bottle. Pumping can also be used for milk stimulation, or to feed your babies while you are at work if you normally breastfeed.
  • It is best to set up a pumping schedule that mirrors your babies feeding schedule.
  • Your insurance company will cover the cost of a pump. Call them to find out what is covered under your plan.
  • A double electric pump is the best option if you decide to exclusively pump.
  • You can store pumped milk in the fridge to be used that day or in the freezer to be used in the future. Make sure you label and date your milk before you store it.

Feeding Multiples:

  • When bottle feeding or breastfeeding, burp babies midway through and after feedings
  • Use the same spoon and bowl when babies are eating solid foods unless either baby is sick. Feed baby food directly from the jar at room temperature, discarding any leftover food to avoid bacterial growth.
  • Consult your doctor for advice on post-feeding sleeping positions.


Information compiled from: Multiples of American (http://www.nomotc.org/) and experience of GKMOM members.


Great Toddler Parks in the Greater Kalamazoo Area


  • Central Park: 7800 Shaver Rd
  • Lakeview Park: 9345 Portage Rd
  • Ramona Park and Beach: 8600 South Sprinkle Road
  • Shrier Park: 850 West Osterhout Ave


  • Oshtemo Park: 7273 West Main Street
  • Upjohn Park: Lake and Walter Street


  • River Oaks Park and Splash Pad: 9202 East Michigan Ave (M-96)

Paw Paw:

  • Kids Paradise: 200 S Liberty St.


  • Chancy Lewis Park: 520 S Main St (M-40)

Choosing a Stroller

Choosing A Stroller for You Multiples

There is no perfect stroller for all multiples. Families must decide which features are most important for their use. When shopping, consider this:

  • Most Strollers are constructed for babies four months of older
  • Look for strength. After all, it must carry two or more children.
  • Look for larger wheels for a more comfortable ride.
  • Consider sacrificing economy to gain safety, comfort, and durability. Parents of multiples tend to use strollers longer than parents of single born children.
  • Consider the weight of the stroller and the ease of loading it into your vehicle.


Types of Strollers

  • Convertible stroller: For babies, not as convenient for toddlers
  • Side by side: A separate area for each baby. Size is twice as wide as single strollers. May not fit through aisles or doorways.
  • Tandem: Face to face seating, sharing leg room or one in front of the other. Narrow enough to easily navigate through doorways

Info courtesy of Multiples of America