How do you make having twins affordable?

IMG_4301 “Target up & up diapers or Sam’s club diapers.  Couponing!  Watching and buying at sales.  Sell big items (bouncey, etc) on craiglist / selling sites and hold on to the smaller items for garage sales. “

“Adding rice cereal to baby food / bottles to help thicken food and keep baby fuller, longer.  Buying clothes and toys second hand while they are young and grow so fast.  Breastfeed as long as possible to save on the cost or eliminate formula.  Cloth diapers and home made laundry soap.  Home made baby wipes: water, baby oil or coconut oil, baby soap.  Baby bullet.”

“Make your own baby food.  Refillable squeeze pouches!”

“Buying in bulk, cooking in bulk and freezer cooking.”IMG_4303

“Don’t be afraid to shop second hand stores.  You can find hardly used gear and clothes at great prices.  You also should see what gear other twin moms are looking to pass down.”

“Buying in bulk when items are on sale.  Shopping at Aldi!  Make you own laundry soap and dish soap.”