Interested in joining GKMOM?

Please fill out this membership form and either pay at one of our upcoming meetings or via paypal.Casey Sootsman 3

Dues are as follows:

Full Membership (Includes membership to national organization): $25 per year
Half Year (March – July): $18
Come try us out and attend your first three events at no charge.


Membership Dues

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Membership Includes:
  • Support and the shared experience of our members
  • A group of great ladies who would love to get to know you and make a friend
  • First dibs on members equipment and clothes they are ready to pass down
  • Access to all our meeting and activities
  • Access to our closed facebook group
  • Ability to sell in our yearly garage sale
  • Quarterly magazines from the National club Multiples of America
  • Access to the members only portion of this and the National clubs’ website