The Members

Casey Sootsman 2GKMOM is here to support moms of multiples, period.

Our members have different backgrounds, beliefs, home situations and life circumstances.  We come together to support each other, learn from one another and create a thriving community.

We come from:

Kalamazoo, Portage, Comstock, Battle Creek, Vicksburg, Mattawan, and Oshtemo.

We are mothers who:

*breastfeed                                   *bottle feed                                   *exclusively pump

*use pacifiers                                *co sleep                                       *crib train

*sleep train                                   *work                                             *stay at home

*post pictures of our kids online           *refrain from giving our kids any online footprint

*dress our kids the same, coordinated or nothing alike


We are families that:

*Have two parents                             *Have one parent

*Have multiples and singletons      *Have only multiples

*Have a lot of family near by           *Have little family close by


Interested in hearing some authentic and real world answers from our MOMs?  Head over to our Real World Answers page to read our members responses to questions you may have.