Top Ten Reasons to Join GKMOM

  1. Information:GKMOM logo We are a place for you to get answers to your questions along with tips and tricks for making raising your kiddos memorable and manageable!
  1. Understanding: We know the unique challenges that parents of multiples face. We get it!
  1. Building Friendships: GKMOM is a great place to connect with others who are in your situation or who may be a little further down the path.
  1. Judgment Free Zone: We are moms from all backgrounds with different preferences, opinions, beliefs and ideas. We aren’t here to judge.
  1. The Goods: Whether it’s between individual members, or through our annual garage sale, our members regularly lend, buy, and sell to one another.
  1. Mom’s Night Out: We know the importance of getting time away once in a while! We help make it possible by at least giving you opportunities. You find the sitter, and we’ll find the fun.
  1. Play Dates: Organized outings make for good times, and great memories.
  1. Family Events: Get to know other local member families through our quarterly parties.
  1. Monthly Meetings: We have themed monthly meetings. You could be learning something new, pampering yourself, enjoying some food, or just having fun!
  1. Access: A membership with GKMOM gets you access to all of the great things listed above, and resources from our national affiliation, Multiples of America. Check them out at