What we wish we would have known before birth

We asked the question of our members: What do you wish you had known before the babies arrived?

IMG_3279They responded:

“It is okay to ask for help and/or to be selfish as a mommy.”

“How hard emotionally it would be.”

“How hard it would be to leave them home, when returning to work, even though being a stay at home mom is hard.”

“How many people disappear / offer but never help.”

“What the NICU was like and that a multiples birth is a different delivery… What a c-section was going to be like.  That 33 weeks and before they automatically get NICU time. “

“More about breastfeeding twins, and what normal weight gain is for a breastfed baby.”

“It is the hardest and absolute best thing ever being a MOM (mom of multiples).”