Who are our multiples?

We asked out members: Who are your multiples? (type, age, personalities)

IMG_3278They responded:

“7 month boys: one just crawling, both smiling and laughing.”

“2 year old boys. One wild and crazy but extremely sensitive.  The other is the favorite of his big bro and can be grumpy.”

“Fraternal 18 month boys.  Baby A: independent.  Baby B: very outgoing/needy.”

“Identical 3 year olds.  Baby A: dominant/needy.  Baby B: independent/outspoken.”

“Fraternal 7/5 month boys.  Baby A: Needy, momma’s boy. Baby B: goes with the flow.”

“2 year old Boy/Girl twins.  Boy: spunky, loving spitfire.  Girls: Laid back, goes with the flow, hysterical.”

“Fraternal 13 month girls. A: independent/stranger danger. B: Needy/co-sleeps with me still.”

“Boy/Girl 4 year old twins.  A: social, spunky, loving.  B: Adventurous, active, curious, sweet.”

“8.5 year old Boy/Girl twins. “

“Identical girls 2 years old.  A: social, knows what she wants. B: Sweet, shy, prefers to observe.”

“Identical girls.  One is sweet and sporty, the other a Broadway star.”